Exclusivas Muriedas

Handmade pastries, natural foodAlways fresh, ideal for breakfast, snacks and anytime

Our products and brands

We have great variety of products of high quality pastries and trademarks, by themselves, help sell.
With the best basic commodities (butter, sugar, flour) can only make the best products, which together combines expert craftsmanship, get good consumer recognition.

Afternoon / coffee

Delicia de chocolate blanco,
Delicia de chocolate negro, Delicia de manzana, Hojaldres de miel, Pastas de almendra,
Corbatas de mantequilla, Corbatas de chocolate, Magdalenas, Yemas de coco, Bizcocho-polo relleno de chocolate, Magdalenas rellenas de chocolate, Sobaos de mantequilla, Bizcocho, Plunkey, Palmeras,
Palmeras de chocolate, Rosquillas

Line evening/coffee


Lorenzinos gijoneses, Descarga de dulces,
Caprichos de Asturias, Naranjitos de Asturias, Colungalletas, Cubitos de Llanes,
Corazones de Asturias, Piragüinas de Asturias, Manzanas del paraiso, Foquinas Avilesinas, Tizonas Burgalesas, Ositas de Asturias, Corbatas de Asturias, Boroñas, Pastas asturianas a la sidra, Cruces de la Victoria, Albarcas Cántabras, Dulces estelas,
Sobaos de Asturias


Tourism line


(Our customer product flatters your customer, mainly coffee) Boroñitas, Panchitos, Bears, Fish, Coquitos hearts Madelines, (the same products with cocoa bath) ...

Courtesy line