Exclusivas Muriedas

Handmade pastries, natural foodAlways fresh, ideal for breakfast, snacks and anytime

Sweet ideas to life!Innovating to stay ahead of pastry

Keeping up the overall showcase fresh forces us to innovate, both in flavor and design.

Our R & D allows us to be at the forefront of our business. Using the best raw materials in the design and innovation with creative pastry line is opening new markets. So we own representation in Castilla-León, Cantabria, Galicia, Basque Country …

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We do over breakfast from our coffee serves pastries product brand Muriedas.

Coffee shop La Biblioteca (Avilés, Asturias)

The creative pastry Muriedas tourism has increased my sales by 100%, tourists and regulars.

Confectionery Luisa (Burgos)

Our products

Breakfast line
Sobaos, muffins, cakes, delicacies …

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Tourism line
Crosses victory cubes Llanes, Apples of Paradise …

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Courtesy line
Boroñitas, Panchitos, Bears, Fish, Coquitos hearts Madelines

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